Mergers & Acquisitions

Friendly M&A

A combination that seems fair and obvious to the respective boards may not be viewed that way by shareholders and arbitrage funds. Evolution Proxy can help your company demonstrate to your shareholders that a fair value was received after the board conducted a full review process with shareholders in mind. 

Evolution Proxy will help you:

  • - Properly communicate the merits and value of the merger to shareholders;
  • - Develop shareholder communication tactics and research shareholders views;
  • - Effectively communicate your position to institutional proxy advisory firms (including Institutional Shareholder Services and Glass Lewis & Co.) successfully;
  • - Understand proxy voting guidelines and shareholder’s vote history;
  • - Shareholder base analysis, including geographic analysis; 

Hostile Bids

As your information agent, Evolution Proxy can help a hostile bidder emphasize full-value and certainty of the consideration being offered or assist issuers in fending off an inadequate and unwanted hostile bid.  

Evolution Proxy provides:

  • - Assistance in the development of key messages;
  • - Technical review of the offer materials or director circulars;
  • - Communication support with the brokers/banks regarding the offer;
  • - Shareholder communications tactics and research reports on shareholder views;
  • - Shareholder base analysis, including geographic analysis;