Proxy Contests & Shareholder Activism

Every proxy contest is different and requires a unique strategy to successfully win shareholder support. Evolution Proxy will help you design and execute a winning strategy. 

Evolution Proxy’s integrated approach includes:

Strategy Development:

    • - Working closely with your legal and financial advisors to create and execute a winning strategy;
    • - Reviewing the unique circumstances and landscape of your file and developing key messages accordingly; 
    • - Providing insight into shareholder base, the proxy voting guidelines and shareholders vote history; 

Product Creation:

    • - Preparing eye-catching, sophisticated proxy circulars for shareholders, which include compelling and innovated letters to shareholders;
    • - Reviewing proxy circulars and forms of proxy for all technical components;
    • - Coordinating proxy circular mailing process;
    • - Shepherding the creation of a dedicated website for the contest from initially planning and design to completion, including web traffic analytics, search engine optimization, and monitoring; 
    • - Developing persuasive investor presentations, press releases;

Tactical Advice:

    - Providing technical advice related to proxy guidelines, vote reports, requisitioning shareholder meetings and responding to the requisition by shareholders;

Shareholder Communication:

    • - Providing shareholder communications, including incoming/outbound calls and investor calls;
    • - Developing communications materials for shareholders, including investor presentations, and letters;
    • - Developing strategic media outreach plans, talking points for spokespeople, press releases, and act as a link between you and the media;